Friday, September 16, 2005

Life is like a photograph waiting to be taken...

Life is like a photograph waiting to be taken. Each moment is a scene to be savored, captured. The mind's eye needs to open itself to the possibilities of the simple moments and take them and live them because once a moment is gone, it never returns.

For the last year, God's hand has been teaching me about contentment; accepting the life He has given me and going beyond that to live it, enjoy it, make the most of it. The funny thing is I got to a point where I thought, "I have got this one down, discontentment is no longer a problem for me." And guess what? I was wrong. I find myself, once again, in waist-deep sadness, fear and boredom. Constantly waiting for something to change so that I can be happy. Well, guess what? Things aren't changing and I AM NOT HAPPY!

This morning I took out my journal and spilled my thoughts and my feelings all over it's pages; there were lots of words and many of them were ugly. But, I believe in honesty, especially with God. The funny thing is that looking squarely at my reality I realize that it is not so bad after all. God has truly blessed me and given me a sweet life. But I have allowed myself to feast on the bitter fruit that life offers instead of the bowl of honey sitting right in front of me.

Yesterday, I posted a picture of a dragonfly. I took it last weekend while I was hiking with my kids. The bug was nice enough to land on a piece of tangled chain-link fence for about 30 seconds, giving me just enough time to snap a lovely photograph of him before he flitted away. You know, there is nothing that I can do to ever create an image like that again. All of my attempts to compose that same picture will be of no avail. I had to grab it when it passed through my life; capturing a moment on film so simple yet so full of beauty. Like I said, life is like a photograph waiting to be taken. Moments in time to be captured or ignored. But if captured, that memory can be framed and placed on the mantle for all to enjoy, a gentle reminder that life's moment only last for a second and I can not continue to let them get away!
Mrs. M-mv has a nice post about not allowing the little things in life bury us, because as you know, "It's. Just. Not. That. Hard!"

Enjoy your weekend, ladies!