Sunday, October 02, 2005


(Note: These pics have been posted before!)

If you are interested, you can go over to Tie On One and link to all of this month's aprons-they are adorable!

Aubry is modeling the final product of the Tie One On dishtowel apron theme. I bought a package of five dishtowels at Walmart for $5.00, four packages of quilt binding for $8.00 and two packages of ric-rac for $3.00. Craftygirl was kind enough to direct me to this pattern from Family Fun and I was able to make four aprons at a cost of four dollars a piece! I love it! Here is a picture of the other aprons:

These aprons were ridiculously easy and we are going to use the extras as birthday gifts for Aubry's girlfriends. Just by placing crayons and watercolors in the pockets, they become craft aprons! Just in case you are wondering, the fifth towel ended up in the kitchen towel pile because I just could not think of a good use for another apron! But, of course, the adorable red and white checkered towel surrounded by my old, gray-ish, blue-ish towels makes me feel like I need to go out and buy a bunch of new ones! AARGH!