Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The good old days

Photograph taken by Danika

The good old days. We all remember them. For some of us, they were 20 years ago, for others they were 5 years ago, 12 years ago, 32 years ago. Even my three year-old daughter has fond memories of when she was "little", at least that is what she tells me.

Many people live their lives in the past, wishing they could go back, wanting to do it over again; lamenting what they have lost and resenting what they have. They forget that 20 years from now, today will be "the past", the "good old days". They will gladly remember the sweet days of the past. But I wonder, did they know that these days were sweet when they were living them? Do I?

These are the good old days. I can hear the tune in my head, but I need to hear it in my heart.

Errands to run, essays to correct, dishes to wash, and meals to prepare. These are my days. I want to remember that years from now, these will be the "good old days". I want to live them with the same sweetness that I will look back and remember them with.

These are the "good old days"!