Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Here are my daughter's senior pictures: (I think they came out very nice!)

I suspect that she is going to be a bit embarrased when she checks out my blog today!

I made these kitties for the cat-lovers that I know! The pattern is from Denyse Schmidt's quilt book.
Fun article HERE about the trend among young women not knowing how to cook.

"And who could blame her for her ignorance? If women in their 20s and 30s don't know how to cook, it's not really their fault. When were lessons on domestic arts supposed to be squeezed in? High school was devoted to studies, activities that impress colleges, and efforts to keep parents at arm's length. College was spent away from home, with meals coming from the cafeteria, the pizza place or a Ramen noodle container. Joining the work force precluded any sustained attention to home life too. Even getting married doesn't seem to force women to take out the food processor they registered for. The idea that a guy would expect a gal to know how to cook is practically prehistoric: Gender roles are so last millennium.

But somewhere along the line, it seems, American women do heed the call of the kitchen. Priorities change, and the notion of being able to craft an edible portion of a dinner--or the entire thing--becomes a worthy ambition."
--Remedial Cooking by Pia Catton

Personally I love to cook and I will teach all my kids, boys and girls, how to because it is a valuable life skill. I think that women eventually "heed the call of the kitchen" simply because homemaking is a worthwhile endeavour, it just takes some of us a while to realize that.
Did you know that there are two "blog awards" going on right now? I feel a little hesitant to post this because I don't want anyone to think I am trying to garner nominations-seriously! But, I thought you may enjoy the information!

Homeschooling Blogger Awards 2005-Hosted by Spunky Homeschool

Blogs of Beauty Awards-Hosted by Two Talent Living

Thanks to both of these ladies for taking the time to do this! It should be fun!