Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hiraeth asked for some quilt pictures, so here is my contribution:

I made this quilt 4 years ago while I was pregnant with baby #5. Soon after I finished it and hung it on the wall, I started feeling bad and ended up parked on the couch for 3 days until finally going into labor. For most of those 3 days I drank ginger ale and stared at the quilt, so unforetunately I know all of its flaws: seams that don't match up right, colors that are too close together and one color that I don't like at all! The passage of time has helped me to like the quilt again and I have learned the lesson that I shouldn't stare at a finished project for too long!!!

The pattern is called "Bear's Paw" and the quilt measures about 3 1/2 feet X 3 1/2 feet.