Wednesday, December 07, 2005

We received a tiny bit of snow in spite of the forecast; personally I was hoping for a snowday so my hubby could be home with us! Ah well, the cold weather is here and tonight the wind chill is expected to be -35 to -45 degrees! All I can say is that the word for today is C-O-L-D!!!

My extremely cute daughter had her long ponytail cut off yesterday. (Yes, that is hair that she is holding!) I suppose that there must always come a time for little girls to grow up and I will admit to getting a bit choked up while the hairdresser chopped off 13 inches, but she does look cute, doesn't she?
I came across this article about procrastination, and although it pertains mostly to students, I found much to think about.

"In a world of unmade beds and unwritten essays, the postponement of chores is commonplace. Now and again, humans put aside tasks with long-term rewards to savor immediate pleasures, like ice cream and movies, through a process called "discounting." For chronic procrastinators, however, discounting is a way of life."

So, what I do is called "discounting". I have a hard time doing things if I lack motivation, even if I desire to accomplish those things. Often, I have to force myself to act.
"Clarry H. Lay, a retired psychology professor at York University, in Toronto, who continues to counsel student procrastinators, uses personality feedback to promote better "self-regulation" among students. In group sessions, he discusses the importance of studying even when one is not in the "right mood" and of setting aside a regular place to work. Some participants become more confident and efficient. Others see improvements, only to experience relapses."

I definitely have to force myself to work towards goals because often the "right mood" is lacking. For me, identifying what my goals are and breaking them up into smaller chunks, helps me to move forward.

Kim also had some great things to say about developing good spiritual habits.