Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wendy McElroy has written a thought-provoking article here about the push for "Universal Preschool" in California:

"Advocates view universal preschool as an educational "silver bullet" that also counters a slew of social ills including poverty, child abuse and crime.

Critics wonder why billions should be tossed at expanding a school system that is so grossly failing the children currently in its care. Both sides agree: universal preschool involves increasing government's "parental" role regarding children. It involves a new bureaucracy that focuses on 4-year-olds."

Just in case you are wondering, I am on the "critics" side of things. Any legislation or program that broadens the governments role in the family is worth opposing, in my opinion.

"Equally troubling is the possible impact of universal preschool on parental rights, especially the right of parents to determine the best education for their children."

Stuff like this is worth paying attention to!