Friday, January 20, 2006

A few Friday things...

It is snowing!!! As of last night we had plenty of the white stuff falling from the sky and let me say that I LOVE IT!

I am so blessed by the response to the "quilt class". I expected about 2 responses--and I got 15! It is fun to think of having an on-line quilting bee with such a wonderful group of ladies! Thank you!

Here are some fun links for Friday:

This is a really cool link for the kids, especially kids who are learning their alphabet. Just click on the letters and watch them turn into animals!

If you are interested in Hobbits, click here to see an amazing Hobbit-house someone has built!

Melanie made a lovely Christmas quilt using a pinwheel block. I thought you may want to see what kinds of quilts can be made using this block!

Are you ready for the Olympics? The Knitting Olympics, that is! The Yarn Harlot is hosting this years event and if you are interested, go sign up! The list of participants is already long! I won't be playing along this year, but at least I know there is an Olympic sport out there that I could be a part of!

Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!