Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The new rule


Emily and Aubry

What is it with teenage girls? Is there a hormone-yet to be discovered-that causes them to bolt whenever a camera is aimed at them? Is it embarrassment? Insecurity? Low self-esteem? Or is it the thought that their coolness is just too extraordinary to be caught on film?

If my dad is reading this he is shaking his head in acknowledgement because when he was "irritating-camera-dad" I hardly ever let him photograph me. Well, I think there are five pictures that span all of my teenage years. He tried to catch me on my first day of my first job at Baskin-Robbins when I was 16, but I made a mad-dash to the back of the store and refused to come out until he gave up and left. This remains a big regret on both of our parts. I would love to have a picture of myself in my brown and pink polyester uniform with the snazzy hat, nametag and all.

Well, this "irritating-camera-mom" is breaking the cycle! New rule for my girls: You are not allowed to exit the scene or turn your head when I appear with my camera attached. And believe me, girls, someday you will thank me for this!

Click, click, click!
My daughter, Emily, wanted to respond to this post:

The reason for the camera avoiding: Insecurity. It seems that my mom always wants to take pictures when I'm not looking my best e.g. Christmas morning, Mondays before I'm dressed (which is pretty much anytime before 1:30 in the afternoon ^^), during soccer games, etc. She never seems to want to take pictures when I actually look good: before church, youth group, before going to a friends house. I don't mind having my picture taken then... when I am completely ready for something.
I guess that would be considered vanity, but when I'm thirty, I want to look back and see myself in my favorite outfit.... not my threadbare purple capri pajamas, basketball t-shirt, and red polka-dot knee highs.
But that is probably just my point of view now, later I'll wish that I had pictures of me in a pink and brown Baskin-Robbins uniform.
Another insecurity is that it seems whenever I get my picture taken my face looks fat, I have a zit right on the end of my nose, or I'm making a retarded face. I'm not prepared so I haven't covered up those "imperfections".
Anyway, I'll be quiet now. All I have to say is that if she can take pictures of me, I can take pictures of her.
Say cheese, Mom ^^