Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tips and Techinques

I will keep adding to this post as I think of things. It will on my sidebar for the duration of the class. Also, I will remind you to check this post if I add something important!

-You will NOT be able to achieve perfect squares or seams on your quilt. Just try to do your best and stay consistent throughout.

-Always "check and recheck" while you cut. While cutting, make sure your fabric is positioned correctly under your ruler AND that your measurement is correct. Place enough pressure on your ruler to keep it from moving while you cut.

-Always "check and recheck" while you sew. A seam on a quilt measures 1/4-inch (as opposed to a 5/8-inch seam for clothes). Be diligent to keep your seams consistent throughout the making of your quilt.

-I do not use pins for sewing small pieces, but I do "finger-pin" while I sew them. This just means that I hold the pieces firmly in place while I am sewing.

-When you feel like throwing your rotary cutter aginst the wall, just put all your stuff down and walk away from the project. When you come back later, things will look much brighter!