Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Books, books, books...

A pile of books is sitting on my nightstand awaiting my attention. They are:

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace--This one I read in the morning after I read my Bible. God has convicted me in a couple of areas but He has also blessed me by reminding me that He has fully equipped me to be the wife He desires me to be. So far, this is a great book!

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens--I am only a couple of chapters into this one but already I love it! Dicken's way of breathing life into a character draws me in immediately.

KISS: Guide to Photography by John Garrett--My husband bought me this book for Valentine's Day so I could learn more about using my camera. My desire is to learn to use the camera manually and not just to rely on the automatic settings. I am trying to get the feel for setting the aperture but I haven't quite "gotten it" yet. "Practice makes perfect" is my motto!

The World of Winslow Homer by James Flexner--This is what I call a "browsing" book. While I am not reading the whole thing, I am becoming familiar with Homer's time period and his art. His paintings of American life in the 1800's are beautiful, like this one called "Snap the Whip":

What are you reading? What are you learning about?