Friday, February 24, 2006

A Friday challenge--for Monday!

**This post was inspired by Sparrow, although she may not want to accept that responsibility! ;)

I don't know if you have ever noticed, but Friday on my blog is usually "fun-day". Even though my blog is not overly serious, the last day of the week I always reserve for some silliness, so here goes! Here in the blogosphere, life looks pretty grand. In general, we bloggers post our successes rather than our failures, our joys more than our struggles. Pictures of freshly baked bread, smiling kids and sparkling homes can be a bit, well, deceiving. Honestly, life is just not that perfect most of the time! So, here is what I am thinking: Let's make this next Monday "Let's Get Real Day". In the spirit of encouraging each other and having a good laugh, post a picture of your "real life", your "real house" or your "real self" on Monday, February 27 and add one surprising fact about yourself. (Nothing gross, rude or embarrassing, just surprising!)

If you will be playing along, please me a comment because I would love to drop by on Monday morning and visit with the "real you"!

Have a wonderful Friday!