Monday, February 27, 2006

The real me...

Good morning and thanks for stopping by! Since this is "real life" I expect that we will be interrupted by small children numerous times and I may have to put our conversation on hold to deal with my boys and their arguing. Also, I need to listen for my cat because she likes to hack up hairballs on my carpet and I like to stay alert so I can toss her out the front door, just in case!

You have arrived just in time to see what my family room usually looks like on a Monday morning with laundry, blankets and food wrappers on the floor from the weekend's activities:

This is a picture of the ugliest loaf of bread I have ever baked. It was supposed to be a baguette but it came out more like a blob. In fact, if you turn your head to the side it looks like a face!:

This is a picture of Craig and I watching a movie with Aubry at 7:30 in the evening. As you can probably tell we both fell asleep! (My daughter snapped this picture on the sly):

This is my laundry for today! I never realized that my loads were as tall as me!:

When I first started blogging, I wanted this to be a place to post my writing, my ideas and a little bit about me, but I also realize that my life can seem a bit glossy. Personally, I don't want to post about things like arguments with my hubby, problems with kids or my insecurities, because that would be depressing! Quite often, the things I write about reflect the "positive side" of a situation, a side that I have to force myself to look at. Or maybe God has been encouraging me to grow in a particular area but when I write it down it may appear that I have it all together when, really, I am just sharing what I see at the end of the road He has taken me on. My hope is that the things I share are encouraging to someone, that the struggles that I encounter will give someone else the strength to "keep on keepin' on", because, honestly, that is what I often find on your blogs, a little bit of strength for today. And for that, I am thankful!

Now I am going to reveal a couple of surprising things about myself! What these revelations will show you is that I am, in fact, a very boring person! So here goes:

--I never clean the stove or the oven, my hubby does it. Not because he wants to but because if he doesn't do it, no one will. My opinion regarding a dirty oven is that cooking at higher temperatures will probably burn the dirt off!

--I am not a deep-cleaner. No toothbrushes and SOS pads for me! If I remind the kids not to write in the dust, I can go at least a month without dusting because if something doesn't look dirty, it doesn't need cleaning!

--In spite of the fact that I have a semi uni-brow, I almost never pluck. Why? Because it hurts, thats why! My nose starts running and my eyes water whenever I make an attempt to pluck the myriad of hairs that run amuck above my eyes! In the past I have tried using a little bit of Baby Orajel to ease the pain but to no avail. Any and all suggestions in this department will be appreciated!

--For dinner last night I gave my kids bowls of chocolate-flavored cereal.

Well, there you have it! I will come and visit everyone later in the afternoon because I have errands to do this morning. Please leave a comment if you are participating so that it is easy for others to visit you too! Thank you so much for playing along with me!