Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thank you to everyone who played along in "Let's Get Real Monday"! It was fun seeing everyone's "reality" and I can identify with most of what everyone posted, the scuffed baseboards, laundry piles, remodeling projects and toys scattered everywhere. Looking at your houses was like taking a peek into my own front door.

A funny thing about women is this: We often feel so different and alone, when in reality if we would speak up and be "real" we usually find that the others around us are more the similar than they are different. We all have different gifts to offer, all of them important and distinct in some way. Let us not forget this!

Just so you know, Mrs. Simon, I love your castle! When you are done remodeling it will be fabulous. I can imagine a couple of wicker rocking chairs on that front porch!
Just curious: How is everyone progressing on their quilt? I have only heard from Cora after Lesson #4. If you are stuck, please let me know!