Wednesday, March 01, 2006

National Craft Month and thrift store stuff

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? Neither did I until yesterday! You may want to check the list of craft-blogs on my sidebar if you are looking for crafty inspiration, these ladies are amazingly creative and they post new ideas almost every day. Looking at craft-blogs can be addictive and I have to be careful not to get hung-up in doing it for long lengths of time--time I could be spending making my own crafty-stuff! Also be sure to check out CraftyGirls and 4:53 for great crafty fun (and some inspiration too!)

A recent trip to the thrift store yielded some fun and cheap finds, such as these cool suitcases that I am now using for fabric storage:

Lucky for me, they are in almost brand-new condition in spite of the fact that they are fairly old!

I have recently discovered that the thrift store is a great place to buy fabric, you just cut up the cheap clothes you purchase. In fact, wool skirts are in abundance there and they are usually inexpensive and yield about 1 yard of fabric for around $2.00--this is a steal for wool!

I bought this little cup mostly for the colors, I liked how it looked. There is a cute piece of matching plaid wool fabric on the bottom of the pile, although you can't really tell because the photograph is bad:

Dawn has posted her in-process quilt and I think it looks great!

Well, that is all for today! Enjoy this lovely Wednesday!