Monday, February 20, 2006

Stuff going on around the house...

This is the first Monday in a while that I don't have a quilt lesson to post. So far, one person has finished their quilt and as soon as I recieve more pictures I will add them to the Quilt Gallery.

This weekend my hubby started a huge project. He is enclosing our porch so it can be used as a family room and when he is done with that he is thinking of building an extra bedroom in the basement. Here is a picture looking out into the soon-to-be-family-room:

One good thing to report is that my daughter has gotten a scholarship to the college that is 40 miles away from our house. Do I need to say that I am VERY excited about this? The reason I am mentioning this is that she is the reason my hubby is thinking of building the room in the basement, so she can have some privacy when she starts college!

I worked on a couple of smaller projects (WAY smaller projects!) this weekend. First I made this handbag but it came out a bit "flimsy". Next time I need to add some more interfacing to strengthen the sides, but since this was the first purse I have ever attempted I am pretty happy with the results:

I also made this "Pointy Kitty" from a pattern available free from Wee Wonderfuls. I took off the stripes that she is supposed to have and I added a mouth because she was looking like a cat-with-an-attitude without it. If you try this pattern, be sure to stuff her firmly if you want her to stand up correctly:

How was your weekend?