Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday stuff...

My hubby took this picture of our cat, Allie Bubbles. She loves boxes, especially small ones, and if she can find one she makes it her temporary home. Since paper is also an addiction of hers, Christmas and birthdays are her favorite days.
My hubby is making great progress on our family room/ bedroom addition. He has had a few days off of work this week so he has been in go-go-go mode to get it done. I am very excited, not only to have the rooms done, but also to get rid of the mess that is all over my house! Patience, patience!
Both of my boys are in the adjective/ adverb section of their ABeka Language books and both are having a hard time distinguishing one part of speech from the other. Lucky for me, I discovered a MadLibs book on sale at Barnes and Noble this week (I remember doing these when I was a kid!) so we have been having some fun with it. I am hoping that the practice in doing something fun will help them to have a little more success when it comes to diagramming! Of course, MadLibs is all about making up funny stories using the different parts of speech. Here are some of our favorite sentences so far:

I am going to challenge the school bully to a spanking contest.

After dinner, we went into their very decorated family shoe, sat in front of their roaring dad and toasted bunnies.

This one made me laugh (ALOT!): When Randi regained consciousness, she said, "WOW!" and packed up her clothes and moved to Amsterdam, where she married a tall man who owned a pot shop.

Fun--all in the name of doing school! I love it!
In all my years of homeschooling, we have never schooled on Friday, so technically my weekend starts on Thursday night--I love it! So, whenever I post on Friday, even in the morning, I like to sign off by saying, "Have a great weekend", even though I know for some of you, there is still one more day left in your week.

Have a great weekend!