Friday, March 17, 2006

How fortunate can you get?

A couple of times a month we go to a Chinese restaurant here in town. It has great food, great service and it is generally uncrowded making it one of our favorites. The fortune cookies at the end of the meal are always fun and since I am one of the only ones that like them, I get to eat a ton of them!

My four year-old daughter always gets excited over the little paper in a cookie and she hasn't caught on to the fact that her fortune is always, "Someday your prince will come". She seems thrilled about it each and every time.

The last time we went our fortunes were, well, a little different than normal. Here is what we found in our cookies:

Do you know that the busiest person has the largest amount of time?
As far as this one is concerned, I can only imagine a Chinese person holding tightly to their Chinese-to-American dictionary inadvertently losing something in the translation. I know it has something to do with using the time that we have and not wasting it, but I can't help but feel like something is missing!

Then there was this one:
Venture not all in one boat
Hmm, I am suspecting a "don't put all your eggs in one basket" meaning but the boat picture is not working for me. If I was going for an excursion on a boat and it was going to sink, I would actually prefer to have my family with me on the same boat. That way I could help them and if things went sour, we would all go together. Morbid? Yes. But the truth, nonetheless.

Here is the best one:
Wow! A secret message from your teeth!

Yep, that was our fortune! I can't even begin to imagine what on earth this might mean. My teeth are apparently not making the message clear!

Have a fortunate Friday!