Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Paper doll fun

I printed out these paper dolls for Aubry and I covered them with contact paper on front and back to make them stiff. Today for her "school time" she will be coloring pictures of scenes where her little doll likes to visit, and so far she is planning on a park, a carnival and Rachel and Leah's house (these are her favorite friends!). Aubry took the time to name each of her doll's outfits--one is a library-outfit, one is a Walmart-outfit, etc., etc.--she does this in real-life too. She has had a little skirt-shirt-shoes ensemble laid out on her floor for three days all in anticipation of our trip to the library today. At four years old she is such a little fashion-bug!

Just a little note--Do you notice that Aubry has wispy bangs in the picture? Well, she cut them herself during her "quiet time" a couple of days ago. Maybe I should start calling it "too-quiet time"!