Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Walking in my PJ's

Hopefully my neighbors don't pay much attention to me in the morning when I take my walk. We live in the foothills near the end of a street and, lucky for me, there are only about 15 houses above ours, so traffic around here is light. The occasional trash-man or dog-walkers are generally the only people I cross paths with early in the morning. Why all the concern, you may wonder? Well, I take my morning walk in my pajamas, that's why!

Now, my PJ's are not polka-dotted flannels or a gingham-checked nightgown, my cold weather PJ's are a pair of trackpants and a hoodie. These make it incredibly convenient to just throw on some sunglasses, tame my bed-head and go out to exercise. However, while I am walking I do spend a descent amount of time wondering if anyone notices the fact that I am in my PJ's.

I wonder if when they talk about me the conversation goes something like this, "You know Randi, she's the one who walks around the neighborhood in her pajamas. You know, the one with all those kids!". I could be creating a reputation for myself and I don't even know it.

Technically my neighbors should thank me because I do have some discretion. In spring and summer, when the temperature is warmer, I refrain from wearing my spaghetti-strap tank top and shorts PJ's, which is good because, quite frankly, these could be alarming or even scary for my neighbors. So, I will continue to drag my sleepy body out of bed every morning and stumble out onto the street wearing my PJ's. I only wish that I had an IV full of coffee that I could haul around with me!