Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fun in the mail and favorite colors

The first part of this week was spent rumaging through drawers for shorts so the kids could go outside in the 75 degree weather. Yesterday afternoon we were greeted with a snow storm complete with thunder and lightning! You can seriously never figure out the weather here--it always changes!

For a week this picture has been waiting to be posted. Tanya, my friend at CraftyGirls sent me this great book journal and bookplates. The journal has pages for writing down books read and notes on each one. I love the little bookplates but I can't decide which book to use them in because once I stick them in a book I can't use them again!

Thanks, Tanya!

I have identified a new color obsession of mine--I notice it everywhere! Red and Minty-blue catches my eye whenever I see it. This is my favorite fabric and I only have about 1/8-yard left:

This is my new writing notebook:

My new skirt:

My favorite barrette combination (my daughter wears these!):

I can't get enough of it! My pink/brown obsession has subsided a little bit but I still love it! I find it amazing that color can change the effect of things and even the way we view them. Color is such a personal thing that most people will not agree on what they like when presented with a choice. What are your favorite colors/combinations and how do you bring them into your life?