Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday things...

My daughter called me to the computer yesterday to show me this book:

Who thinks of this stuff? Some topics in the book include, "Stop Vacuuming and Start Knitting!", "What Will the Neighbors Say?", and "Golden Retriever Scarf"! HaHaHa! That is enough to provide me with a good laugh today!
Here is a link for fabric lovers. Mama and Rosie are making a quilt using this collection--too cute! These charm packs are perfect for small quilts or yo-yo quilts. My eye is on this one!
On another note, when I make crafts I tend to neglect to make something for myself. Recently I decided to change this habit and here is my first project for me:

Very spring-y if you ask me! Perfect for a lovely day like today: 82 degrees and sunny! Note to self: "Get outside and play today, no matter what!"

Have a nice day, no matter what your weatherman says!