Thursday, April 13, 2006

Could I

Donna con Parasole-1886 by Claude Monet

Could I just sit here a while
Know that there's nothing that I need to say
Safe in the knowledge that You know my ways
Love me completely, no need to hide a thing

Could I just sit here a while
Letting You melt away all of my fears
I feel Your comfort when You are so near
I'll hide myself in this shelter You've made for me

Could I just kneel here a while
Doing what I was created to do
Bowing in reverence, I long to adore You
Willingly giving all that I can surrender

Could I just rest here a while
Letting You whisper my burdens away
In all of my journeys there's no other place
Where I find refuge, strength for my weary heart

Could I

--2001 Vineyard Songs