Monday, April 10, 2006

The top 5 reasons I love homeschooling my kids!

5. I get to buy books--and lots of them--all in the name of my children's education. I am beginning to think that bookshelves are an educational expense too!

4. The school bus passes by my house at 6:45 each morning (no kidding!) and I am always pleased to sip my coffee and while away the time until 8:00 when my kids wake up. The thought of having my kids dressed and ready for school by 6:45 makes me feel like I need a nap!

3. School holidays--anytime I want them! Arbor Day and National Peanut Butter Day can be holidays complete with a day off school if I want them too. If there is a light dusting of snow outside, a snow-day it is!

2. On Mondays, laundry day in my house, teacher and students are encouraged to wear pajamas to school largely because there are no clean clothes available. This could be embarrassing if my kids attended school!

1. I feel incredibly blessed to have so much available time to spend with my kids and to be involved in every aspect of their lives. My oldest daughter is graduating in less than a month and the time issue feels especially precious to me because of this. The paper mache volcanoes, the pioneer unit studies, and even the tears shed over math pages, all take on special significance when I realize that the schooling part of my life with her is almost over. Yes, I realize that a new phase will take its place but I am savoring the fact that time has been on our side for almost 18 years and I am so glad that God knew that this path was the right one for us!

Have a blessed day!