Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blogging about blogging,,,again!

**This post is a part of Carol's "7 Days of Blog"!

7 HABITS OF HIGHLY INEFFECTIVE BLOGGERS (and my suggestions for changing these habits)

***All of these are from my own personal experience! ;)

1. Being too concerned about creating the perfect post.
--Be creative and take a chance! Did you write a poem, an opinion essay, a short story? Post it and you will probably find yourself being encouraged

2. Obssessing over your comments and stats
--Comments and visitors are wonderful, but a lack of either one is not a reflection on you, your personality, or your writing style. If you have a few regular visitors and commenters, enjoy!

3. Comparing yourself to other bloggers
--I would love to have a more intellectual, thought-provoking blog, but, in reality, that is just not "me". I admire bloggers like Kim and Sparrrow, who consistently challenge my walk with Christ, but I have found that in trying to be like them, I fail. My number one goal for my blog is to encourage stay-at-home moms to love their job and to find fullfillment in their high calling.

4. Posting what you think people want to hear as opposed to what is really on your heart.
--Your blog is yours alone. Use it as a forum to share what is on your mind, what God is doing in your life and what is important to YOU!

5.Investing time and energy into your blog that really belongs to your hubby, kids, friends, work, church, housework or community.
--Blogging is fun and encouraging, but remember that there is a real world out there. People need you.

6. Feeling compelled to post every single day because if you don't, people will stop visiting your blog.
--Blog as much or as little as you want to. Your time is valuable and there is more to life than having a big blog-following.

7. Using your blog as a forum for complaining or bashing people.
--As in real life, people don't want to hear anyone whine on a consistent basis. Asking for prayer and sharing struggles are good things, but be sure to share the good things in life too.

Basically, have fun with your blog but don't take it too seriously. And remember to be exactly who God wants you to be in the blogosphere as well as in real life!