Monday, June 05, 2006

Andrew Wyeth

One of my favorite things about recieving my Smithsonian Magazine each month is reading about the featured artist. This month's article introduced me to Andrew Wyeth. Looking at his art is like looking at a snippet of life, full of emotion and breath:

"Alvaro and Christina" by Andrew Wyeth

"I conceived this as a portrait of the whole Olson environment, and I painted it the summer after Christina and her brother, Alvaro, had both died. I went in there, and suddenly the contents of that room seemed to express those two people--the basket, the buckets, and the beautiful blue door with all the bizarre scratches on it that the dog had made. The Olsons were all gone but powerfully there nonetheless."
-Andrew Wyeth, Aubiography
Here are some more pieces by Mr. Wyeth:

"Groundhog Day"

"Christina's World"


To read more about him, click here.