Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Each morning during my Bible time I have been focusing on one particular aspect of who God is. My desire is that He will become bigger in my mind and therefore I will see Him as more able in my life, all of this is an effort on my part to trust Him more.

Yesterday's theme was "God as healer". Here is a small part of what I wrote about that:

God heals. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. He is able in all areas. God knows all about our bodies, our spirits, our hearts, individually, relationally. He is not only the doctor but He is also the cure.

Believe me when I say that these words were on my mind when I was riding next to my son in the back of an ambulance yesterday afternoon.

He had been helping me pit some cherries when all of a sudden he said he needed to sit down. Then he said he couldn't see. Then he said he couldn't breathe. My effort to help him to the couch became an effort just to get him safely to the floor because he went unconcious and rigid in my arms.

911. Ambulance. Hospital.

He spent the afternoon hooked up to monitors, EKG's, and IV's. Apparently all is well. He was dehydrated and he had a quick heart rate which led to him passing out. Fairly normal stuff.

During this whole episode, I had a very odd sense of peace. Odd for me, that is. Normally this would have sent me through the roof, visions of cancer, brain tumors, disease and death. But I think that in God's goodness He is meeting me halfway in my desire to know Him better and trust Him more. Because I have been focusing on His greatness--and not on the problems and situations in my life--He is becoming greater in my life.

You would think that I would have woken up feeling thankful this morning, but instead I am aggravated. Aggravated about everything. For me, this is where I desire most to trust God more, in my emotions, the ones that so easily take me down.

"Lord, please help me to remember that You heal. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. You are able in all areas. You know all about my body, my spirit, my heart. Individually, relationally. You are not only my doctor, You are my cure. And most of all, thank you that Micah is fine. Thank You for proving Yourself trustworthy and sure. Thank You for today"

My God who was healer yesterday, is healer today and tomorrow too!