Tuesday, June 27, 2006

These are my "Sloggers" and I should have posted them yesterday. I bought them at Target to use as gardening clogs and I LOVE to wear them because they are so comfy! If they weren't orange and funny-looking I would wear them as everyday shoes, but I think my kids would be embarrased and my hubby would disapprove!

Thanks to everyone who played "Let's Get Real Monday" yesterday! My favorite post was Imelda's--oops, I mean Susie's--who owns over 50 pairs of shoes! I never would have guessed this about her and now I feel an even greater connection to this blogging-friend! Susie, I aspire to be like you! ;)

In other silliness, my daughter and I went to Denver this weekend and we discovered a great place called the 16th Street Mall. We have lived here for almost 8 years and never knew this place existed in spite of the fact that most tourists do! We were both reminded of New York City--which we both LOVE--and we got a kick out of this guy who was playing his guitar to gain a little spending money. Does he look like Jesus in a terry-cloth bathrobe or what?:

Ah, the things you can see in the city!

Have a great Tuesday!