Thursday, June 22, 2006

Friday Challenge for "Let's Get Real Monday"!

It is that time again! Once a month I post a theme and I cross my fingers hoping that someone will play along with me on the following Monday. This is all in an effort to be a little silly and get to know all of you a little more--in a really fluffy way, that is! This month's theme for "Let's Get Real Monday" is SHOES!

I can discover a lot about a person by the shoes she wears (also by the books she reads!). The style, the color, the brand and even the price of the shoes can all be indicators of who you are--really! So, on Monday post some shoes, any shoes! Your favorite shoes, shoes you wish you owned or had the guts to wear, sensible shoes, or even a pair of Elton John's shoes. A poem about shoes, a shoe picture collage, or pictures of other people's shoes--it all counts!

Please leave a link or a comment on Monday if you are participating!

Have fun!