Friday, June 02, 2006

Lego purses and nincompoops! (AKA Friday Fun!)

A couple of days ago my son presented me with a special treat: a purse made out of Legos. If you have visited my blog for any length of time you know that I am obsessed with making purses, so, in light of this, he decided to make me something I would love! He added a little button on top and a bright flower for contrast. The only drawback is that I can't load it up with stuff and use it! I am positively gushing!
In response to Laney's question about whether or not "yahoolaganism" is a real word, I am providing a link to an actual dictionary entry. The word originates from Gulliver's Travels (yahoo) and I have expounded on it and created my own form of it to use when describing my wonderful boys. They are truly a couple of "yahoos".

In case you are unaware, "nincompoop" is also an actual word related to foolishness. It describes someone who engages in "nincompoopery", something my boys enjoy heartily. I suppose that some will say that "boys will be boys", but I have to say that, sometimes, "boys will be nincompoops", and I love that boyish quality!

Have a great weekend!