Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday fluff, a fridge and a few links!

Yesterday my kiddos and I drove up to Denver to view the Body Worlds 2 exhibit at the Denver Museum of Natural History. This exhibit features "more than 200 real human specimens—whole bodies, healthy and diseased organs, body parts and slices—present a one-of-a-kind anatomy and physiology lesson."

The exhibit was amazing and I learned a great deal about the human body and I was reminded of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. If you are in the Denver area or if the exhibit is coming to a museum close to you, go see it! It is a must-see!
Big news, ladies, big news! Got me an ice-maker--with a fridge attached!

Our old refrigerator took a dive a couple of weeks ago and our brand-new one with a crushed ice maker in the door arrived yesterday. Yes, I know that ice-makers have been seen on the doors refrigerators since the days of Woodstock, but this is the first time one has appeared on MY refrigerator door! And since I love crushed ice, this is like a dream come true! You may be thinking, "Wow, Randi sure lives a small life to be so excited about a new ice-maker in the door of her refrigerator", but you know, it is the middle of July, it is stinkin' hot and I can now have as much crushed ice as I want, all day, every day! Life is good!

Just because I like to include a picture with almost every post, here is a picture of my fridge with a pot of African Violets added for visual interest:

Speaking of crushed ice--The best crushed ice in the world can be had at Sonic Drive-In. And it is especially good when drowned in a Cranberry-Limeade! Try it, you will like it!
For all of you crafty-types, here are a few new craft blogs that I LOVE! You will be inspired to create if you visit these ladies:
Shim and Sons
Pink Chalk Studio
Happy Things
You might also try this site. Just steer clear of your credit card while you are looking--it could be dangerous!

Well, that is all on this lovely summer Friday! I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

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