Saturday, July 15, 2006

The "You know you're crazy" tag...

My dear daughter tagged me for this meme:

You know you're crazy about books when... have a $38.00 fine at the library and your account has been placed "on hold" which is another way of saying "No more books for you, Chickie!". pay your fine layaway-style, in $5.00 installments over a few months time. continue checking out books on your children's cards even though they make you guarantee you will pay all fines you incur on their account.

...on your weekly date with your hubby you time things so there is at least one hour of Barnes and Noble time in between dinner and the movie. spite of the fact that you consider $15.00 to be a high price to pay for shoes (unless they are absolutely fabulous!), you regularly plunk down $20.00 for a book you will only read one time.

***Tag rules: Insert any word you like into the phrase "you know you're crazy about ________ when..." Must have at least five answers. Tag 5 people.

Tag you're it! This one was kind of fun, so let me know if you will be playing along!