Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday sweetness!

July is National Ice Cream Month! This weekend we will be hunting for a new ice-cream-maker because ours broke last week. :( My hubby would like to buy a hand-cranked model but I don't even know if those are made anymore. I guess we will find out, right?

My daughter, Danika, is the ice-cream fiend in our house. Ever since she has been earning her own money, she buys her own ice cream and keeps it stashed in the back of the freezer so that every night she can cram a bowl full of the sweet stuff. I seriously think she eats 3-4 cups at a time!

I found out that Coldstone Creamery (Danika's favorite ice cream hang-out) is sponsoring a contest called the "Shake It Up Dance Contest" that packs a prize of $15,000 plus free shakes and smoothies for life. I think that Danika, who has taken a lifetime vow of no dancing, may actually have to consider entering! Anything for free ice cream, you know!

My favorite ice cream of all time is "Pralines and Cream" from Baskin Robbins, with Jamoca Almond Fudge finishing a close second. I generally order a double cup with a scoop of each, with a cone on the side every time we go there! Since I like to eat ice cream with a spoon, the cup works better for me but I must have the cone too--it wouldn't be the same without it!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Best wishes for a great Friday and a nice weekend!