Monday, July 24, 2006

Let's Get Real Monday---Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day is an easy theme for me. It is not that I dislike my hair, but it is quite uncooperative at times! To begin with, my hair is almost completely straight except for the underneath layer on the right side where I have wavy hair. This gets complicated when the weather is humid and I essentially have 2 different hairstyles on my head. Humid weather is usually "ponytail weather" for me!

My sister has beautiful curly hair, the kind that people pay lots of money for! She has always wanted my straight hair and I have always coveted her curls. When Craig and I were engaged (20 years ago) I decided to try curls on for size. I asked for a spiral-perm and ended up with a big frizz on my head! The hairdresser apologized profusely, saying that she had never had such bad luck with a spiral perm, which of course was no help for me since I ended up looking like this:
This picture was taken after much straightening and many tears. I have never (and will never) get a perm again!

A few facts about my hair:

--I have recently graduated from the "pluck the grays to keep them away" club to the "graying gracefully" club!

--I like my haircolor and I am VERY unsure about coloring because I want to stick with my natural color.

--My hair is a natural humidity-meter. If the weather is humid, my hair is BIG!

--I have had the same hairstyle for most of my life except when I was a teenager and had a funky-Bananarama cut. Short hair was not for me!

--I dyed my hair repetitively as a teenager. My favorite colors were Misty Grape and Burgundy Wine.

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