Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome to my home!

Today I am playing along with BooMama's "Bloggy Tour of Homes" so come on in and see the place that my family and I call home! Unfortunately the sun barely peeked from behind the clouds yesterday so my pictures look a little blah, but I guess it is not all about perfection, right?
This is my kitchen where we spend a ton of time. When we are homeschooling my kids sit at the kitchen table and at the island while I entertain Aubry and do all kinds of kitchen related activities. I love to cook and I am blessed with a family that loves to eat, so it all works out just fine!
This is my comfy living room with my wee-reader on the couch. Isn't she cute?
And, well, here's little ol' me blogging in my one of my favorite spots that we call the "green room". Can anyone guess why we call it that?
One more home picture! One of my favorite places in our house is my craft room. I think I like it so much because it is mine, all mine! I am planning on adding some color to the walls soon because it just looks so sterile and uninspiring, but decorating is not my strong suit. For me, it feels like there is too much space to work with. But I intend to tackle this anyway!
Well, that is it, the house that we call home. Honestly, when I think of home I think of the people that God has surrounded me with. I could live anywhere with them and be content because I would have everything that I need!

--Debi became a grandma a couple of days ago so I thought you might want to pop in and say "congratulations" to her! She is so excited and I have to say that she is an awfully cute, hip-looking grandma! Enjoy your new little member of the family, Debi!

--My daughter and I stumbled onto an estate sale yesterday and we found this hand-cranked ice cream maker for $5.00! I am so excited because I was just about to order one from Amazon for $125.00. I LOVE saving money!
You might want to pop over to BooMama's blog and take a tour of homes although you may want to allow yourself some time because there are a TON of people playing along!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!