Monday, July 31, 2006

Craft Room Re-do

I have decided to add some color to my very white craft room. Decorating is not something I enjoy or feel that I have a "knack" for because it seems like there is too much space to work with. Little sewing projects like quilts and purses are easy and fun but if you give me an entire wall or room to decorate I don't even know where to start. Much of the decorative stuff in my house has been given to me and I always have a friend help me if I am redecorating (actually, my friend usually does the decorating and I just nod and smile). My hubby is also very helpful in this area and he is responsible for the most of the color already in our home.

So, here is my craft room now:

I love the space available and the big window but I need to add to the color-scheme. I am giving myself $100.00 (I know, not very much money for a room re-do) and a month's worth of time and I am going to make some changes. The first change is going to be color on the walls. Here is my idea:

(I am not sure if the color transferred well to the computer! The blue is kind of a minty-blue.) The blue will be the wall color and the red and yellow are accent colors (these last two colors will not be on the walls, just on decorative things). Before you start thinking that I am crazy, click here and here to see where I found my inspiration. (On the 2nd link, scroll down to the 3rd and 4th pictures).

What do you think? Any great ideas to share? I would really appreciate it!