Monday, August 28, 2006

30 Days of Nothing

I have been pondering the "30 Days of Nothing" challenge and how I might participate in it. The practical things I have chosen are things that God has been placing on my heart recently and I realize that my goals are not the same as Tonia's, but I think they fit nicely beside hers.

Back in the days when my hubby and I lived paycheck to paycheck, barely making it, I promised myself that if we ever started earning more money, I would still shop sales and do all I could to be the best steward of our money. I would continue to take the time to make our money go as far as possible. Well, these days money is a little more plentiful and life is more comfortable financially and I find that I have become a money waster simply because I don't want to commit my time to being the best steward I can be. I have made efficiency and ease my goals, rather than good stewardship and doing my best with the money God gives us. The "30 Days of Nothing" challenge is the perfect opportunity for me to recommit myself to my goals of previous years. My goals stem out of spiritual direction from God and this is my way of making that direction practical--in a sense I am trying to develop new habits. I believe that God will change the habits in my heart leading to new habits of action.

Here is my 30 day list:

--Shop sales at the grocery store and arrange my menus around those sales

--Stay out of Walmart for the month to encourage myself to sale shop and also to think through some nagging questions I have about shopping there (Walmart)

--No more convenience foods. Bake more, plan more, bulk cook more.

--Keep track of savings and find charitable ways to use that money. Part of the money will be used to buy extras (food, clothing) for my daughter's WorldVision child, Kato (8 years old).

--Focus on "using what we have" as opposed to solving problems by shopping for things that we "need".
I will daily be praying for God's direction as well as a heart that is open to giving of my money and my time. I know that when God starts a work in me, He is faithful to complete it!

I would be interested in hearing how you are participating too!

Have a nice Monday!