Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Of school and rats...

Yesterday was our first full day of school and all went well. We have been doing History for a couple of weeks now but we didn't add all of our subjects until this week. I needed the time to start using Tapestry of Grace because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it--the teacher's manual takes up an entire 3-ring binder! So far I am enjoying it quite a bit and yesterday my son announced that he likes it ALOT better than Sonlight, so this mama is quite happy about that!

In searching for my daughter's math book last week, my hubby discovered that we have a mouse problem under the house--or at least what he thought was a mouse problem. He found the tell-tale mouse droppings but, as he says, they were "man-sized", bigger than usual. Since then we have gone through 7 boxes of D-Con, numerous sprung mousetraps and even a glue-trap that had hair stuck all over it and obvious signs of a fight to get away. Well, last night my hubby went to check out our mouse situation and discovered that we, in fact, have a rat problem--a RAT problem!!! He opened the door to the furnace room and found "Big Al", the rat, standing on his haunches, looking right at him and possibly begging for more D-Con to fill his hungry tummy. At this point I am hoping that rats are solitary animals and that they aren't community-minded like mice. I am also hoping that the towels under the closet doors will keep Big Al far, far away until my dear hubby, the reluctant exterminator, finds him and completely destroys him and any of his counterparts. If Big Al is not gone soon, this mama will have a bag packed (and one for all of her kiddos) and reservations at the local hotel where rats are not permitted to stay! But for today, I wait, I watch and I will scream at the top of my lungs if Big Al dares to step foot in my part of the house!


****Added later: We keep our boxes of unused books in the crawl space under the house, so that is why the math book was there! ;)