Wednesday, August 09, 2006

At the Beach by Edward Potthast

"It is important to us that we build and develop our relationships with our children. We see this as a vital part of keeping our children's hearts. Spending time with them in an area of their interest, learning and working together, is one perfect vehicle for doing this. Not only do we gain the benefits the particular interest affords, but we are making precious memories as well. All the time I spend with a child when we are together will be hours we are investing in communication and our relationship.

As homeschooling moms, we are afforded the perfect opportunity to help and encourage our children in their practical interests. Even if it is an area we dislike, we can choose to set those feelings aside while we plunge into the endeavor with the child. While it is likely we won't be qualified to be a teacher for every interest, we can be a learner with our child. There are benefits to be gained from learning and working with our children--in our relationships with them, in their education, and in ours as well. May we be moms who will step out of our comfort zones to join our children as they pursue their education in practical areas of life."

--Teri Maxwell