Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday "Garden Party"

Today's Lessons is having a Garden Party and in spite of the fact that I don't technically have a garden, I decided to attend!

Here in Colorado, we have a lot of dry, hot days during the summer. Combined with our rocky soil, this makes for bad gardening conditions , at least for my hubby and I. The surrounding farmers appear to have great success with their produce because we buy it every week at the Farmer's Market, but I think that they were in line first when green thumbs were being given away!

One thing that I can grow is roses. This year I have spent a ton of energy just trying to keep the deer from snacking on the buds. They got me once but they will NOT get me again! Here is what my roses look like:

I have some impatiens by the front door in an old washtub:
We are container gardening some tomatoes in the back yard. My hubby had to put up some chicken wire because the deer apparently like tomato blossoms as well as rose buds:
These are Aubry's petunias. She planted these (with a little help) and she has been pretty good about picking off the old blooms so they are doing very nicely. Every few days she asks me to count the blooms for her--I guess she likes the big numbers!