Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Poetry and Song

Aubry made these two "puppets" yesterday, a sweet little gift for me! When she handed them to me she said, "The boy one is on a telephone wire and his pants are on fire", referring to the puppet on the left. Look at the picture and you can see a telephone wire coming out of his head and flames shooting out of his pants.

I find it funny that in spite of the fact the she's four years old, she knows that age-old poem about liars. Where does she get this stuff? Well, admittedly, she gets some of it from me!

My kids have learned lots of little jingles from me, simply because they pop into my head at opportune times and I think they are funny enough to be shared. And, of course, because my kids are homeschooled, I certainly don't want them to miss out on the finer points of childhood. I am sorry if this destroys your image of me as a serious-minded mother who fills her children's minds with only the best. But, seriously, I can't help it.

When I rattled off the many stanzas of Teacher, Teacher, I Declare to my kids, my husband took me aside and had a little "talk" with me. I simply countered his argument with the fact that HE is the one who taught our boys to make tooting sounds by putting a hand on their armpit and moving their other arm up and down like a chicken.

Ah, my poor children!

I also like to sing songs to my kids. Boogie Fever, Crocodile Rock, and Play That Funky Music White Boy are all part of my children's musical repertoire simply because their mommy likes to add spice to the day through song, and honestly, sometimes dance. And believe me when I say that my girls were not just a little surprised when they realized that I Think I Am Turning Japanese was a real song and not just a little ditty that I made up!

Motherhood is a serious venture and I place very high priority on my role. I do, however, think that sometimes you have to relax and just have some fun. And is there any better way to do this than through poetry and song?