Monday, August 07, 2006

A Wedding and a Painted Craft Room

Our family attended the wedding of two very sweet friends this weekend. The groom is an old (young) friend of ours who, just yesterday, was a little boy. We have known him since before he knew how to drive. He has played light-sabers and computer games at our house, jumped on the trampoline and break-danced on our living room floor (my husband joined him in that escapade!). I can't believe that this young kid is old enough to get married and start a family! This makes me feel old!

The wedding was sweet and simple and my favorite part was watching Josh gaze at his bride as she walked down the aisle towards him to become his own. He looked like he wanted to gobble her up right then and there! ;) It is truly exciting to see two young people begin their lives together in the bond of God's love and direction--I just don't think you can go wrong that way!
With the help of my two daughters, I got around to painting my craft area this weekend. This is a before picture:
This is an after picture:
Please excuse the mess! I love the color on the walls, it adds so much life to the room. I was surprised at how much the paint cost, my small decorating budget is shrinking quickly. The rest of the changes I make will have to be handmade by me. Some of my ideas are curtains and an ironing board cover and I am going to repaint and cover my bulletin board. I found some fabric on clearance that will make cute valances and I have the fabric for the other two projects. I hope to post tutorials for all of those.

The time spent painting with my girls was great! We wrestled through a lot of problems during the first coat of paint and finally got onto having fun by the second coat. We talked about everything and nothing. I think that women can solve the problems of the whole world in a day, if given the chance!

Just a note: When the guy at the paint store tells you that if you buy the cheap paint, you will have to put at least two and maybe three coats on the wall, believe him and buy the more expensive stuff! I don't know why I refuse to learn this lesson! I guess it is the cheapskate in me!