Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Stuff

My new camera is wonderful and I am enjoying it completely! The fact that I have taken mostly blurry pictures so far is not going to stop me from figuring it out. The camera is about twice as heavy as my old one, so camera-shake is something that I need to pay attention to.

Since the sun has been hiding behind the clouds for most of the week, I have been taking pictures indoors which gave me a chance to play with the shutter-speed. Here is a picture that I took:

I know, I know, the picture is of tomatoes, but it is one of the only unblurry ones worth posting, what can I say?
I came across a few GREAT craft patterns this week and I want to share them with you! First, Sara + H has an adorable knitted flapper hat pattern here. This pattern makes me want to try knitting again, but my gut instinct is to walk away and stick to sewing! Knitting was not a great experience for me, but it may be for you! I think that Sara's tutorial looks very easy to follow! ;)

Second, Happy Things has put together a GREAT tutorial for making a chenille and patchwork baby blanket. It is very cute and snuggly-looking and the tutorial has lots of pictures and detailed instructions. Check it out!

If you are interested in bread-baking, check out the Fresh Loaf. This site has tons of recipes plus how-to's so you can master the art of making fresh bread. I can almost feel myself gaining weight just browsing their recipes!

Have a great Friday!