Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Note to Self: Read the Instructions!!!

First let me say that Tiny Happy has a great tutorial for making this shoulder bag. Her instructions are clear and she has lots of pictures to walk you through making it, but I must warn you to FOLLOW HER INSTRUCTIONS!

I cut out my fabric and just jumped into it the same way that I make all of my other purses, and I ended up with a 3-inch hole in the bottom of the inside of the bag and I had to cut the straps apart to turn it right side out. Both of those problems were fixable but it would have easier to read the tutorial that Tiny Happy so perfectly put together!

I am going to attempt it one more time, but I am going to add 3 inches to the length of the bag and 3 inches to the strap length. That way it will be more like a messenger bag and I can use it to carry books home from the library. For sturdiness I used fusible interfacing to hold my heavy reading material!

My dear daughter is not letting me live down the fact that I--the queen of reminding my kids to follow directions--ruined a perfectly good bag because I was lazy! Parenting is a daily exercise in humility, for sure!