Friday, November 24, 2006

A Few Links...

If you like Jan Brett's books, you might like to subscribe to her monthly email. It contains tons of activities for the kids!

Allsorts has a quick and easy tutorial for Criss-Cross Coasters. Click over and take a look. She also has some adorable printable letters to use for whatever you can think up!

If you are trying to get a headstart on gaining those unwanted holiday pounds, you can use this coupon to get a free Coldstone Creamery creation. Me thinks we will be going there this weekend!

Here is a super easy tutorial to make a light box for taking photos. (Thanks to Trail Mix Designs for the link!)

Persephone Books reprints classic 20th century books. This might be a good Christmas shopping link!

***Just curious: Am I the only person in the Bloggerland who has not been offered the option to switch to Beta Blogger? I am coveting the categories and my switch-button is nowhere to be found!