Friday, November 10, 2006


This has been a long week for me, not because of busyness, but because of struggles. I am a bit tired and I am ready for a rest! Life has its ups and downs and its seasons and I find myself stuck in a down-trend, but I do know that God is with me and will lead me to a place of rest and stillness in my heart. I do, however, wonder WHEN He will do this. As I typed that last sentence, the words "in His timing" popped into my head; I will consider that my answer as to the "when" question!

Rebecca has inspired me to jot down my thankful thoughts this month and I am, honestly, finding that difficult. I have really gotten out of the habit of being thankful and of looking for the good in situations. Today I am going to leave you with a list of things I am thankful for and things that I will choose to focus on today and over the weekend! If anyone feels compelled to do so, I would covet your prayers!

Thankful things:
1. The first cup of coffee in the morning
2. My sewing area--so convenient
3. The laughter of my kiddos
4. Aubry--she read her 1st word yesterday--CAT
5. Books to read and libraries to borrow them from
6. This movie that I am hoping to see this weekend
7. Bloggy friends like Lisa and Melzie--you girls are just too much!
8. Lovely fall leaves still clinging to the trees
9. A weekend that promises free-time
10.Rebecca's "Month of Thanks" that is reminding me to get my focus in the right place--on God and His abundant gifts!

I wish you all a lovely weekend!