Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tagged With a Book Meme

I have been tagged by Rebecca with a book meme!

one book that changed your life: When I was younger, I loved the Judy Blume books. I know that some people consider them controversial, but I was so touched by the understanding in them, and when you are a preteen you need some understanding!

one book i read more than once: The Poisonwood Bible--Amazing how an author can voice so many characters perfectly!

one book i would want on a desert island: This one would have to be my Bible or a dictionary. The Bible for sustenance and the dictionary so I could write, but that would mean that I would need paper, eh?

one book that made me cry: Night by Elie Weilsel--I don't know if I have ever read a book that was so "real". (Actually I cry while reading most books aloud which is a little embarrasing while reading to my boys--they just sit there kind of dumbfounded while I struggle for my words. They don't know what to do with me! :)

one book i wish i’d written: 1984--I love how Orwell can describe a character's personality using physical description.

one book i wish had never been written: Hmmm, not sure about this one!

one book i’m reading now: Valiant Friend--A Biography of Lucretia Mott

one book i have been meaning to read: Gosh, there are so many! Every time I go to the library or read a book list on someone's blog, I add more books to my mental list. I did notice that Anna Quindlen has a new book out and I would like to get my hands on that one!

Tag you are it! If you are going to play along, leave me a comment!

Have a great Thursday!