Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Music

My favorite worship CD of all time is this one:

Kim McMechan sings two songs (Into Your Presence and Could I) on it, and they make the price of the CD more than worth it! Click on this link and then click on the songs titles to hear a part of each song. Her voice is amazing!

Yesterday while I was attempting to find a way to play one of her songs on my blog, I came across her website and discovered that she has released her first solo CD! It has been ordered and I will daily be checking for its arrival in my mailbox.

I highly recommend her music!
Today I am thankful for music. Music can change my mood, inspire me, and just generally make me happy. When I am feeling distant in my relationship with God, worship music helps me to draw close and get focused on Him, right where I need to be. I tend to focus on one CD for a period of time and then I switch to another, and eventually I rediscover old favorites as if they were brand new. This makes it so I don't have to buy too many CD's!

Have a great Wednesday!