Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Night at the Disco

For a little fun all you need is a big box of Legos and a Disco station blaring on the radio!

This went on for about an hour last night and I was laughing all the way through it! My 12-year old son asked that I not post his picture on my blog because, apparently, he is at "that" age where embarrassment reigns supreme, but I must say that he was hilarious as well!

This brings me to my thankful thought for today:

My boys. They crack me up! My oldest son is great at impressions. He does Don Knotts and Napolean Dynamite perfectly. He also has a cast of made-up characters that make their appearance regularly in our house. He is also sweetly sensitive and helpful.

My youngest is Mr. Attentive. He is consistently involved in the goings on of our house, making sure that everyone is happy and taken care of. He has a gift for knowing what to say at a given time and he is always ready to have some fun.

These guys bring a smile to my day, even in the midst of their endless boy-energy! ;)

Have a wonderful and Tuesday and don't forget to vote!