Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sew Crafty!

On Friday I am making these fleece snow hats with my class of girls, ages 8 and up. They are easy and fun to make. Since you can make four of these from one yard of fabric, they are inexpensive too! Aubry was all to happy to be my model for the test-hat since she got to keep it. She even slept with it on her head last night! The only thing I did differently from the tutorial was to cut the top of the hat into 1/2 inch tassles before I tied it up.

I have come across a couple of other great tutorials this week that I want to share with you:

Linda, the queen of the tutorial, has a great how-to for a wall-pocket. If you don't know what a wall-pocket is, click on the link because I think there are many uses for these goodies. And besides, they are so cute!

Allsorts has a how-to for a "Crazy 9-Patch" that is both easy and colorful. If you have lots of colorful fabric scraps laying around, this would be a perfect way to use them up!

MAKETOYS is a great link for the kids! These paper toys can be printed out and folded with a little help from mom. ( I am sorry to say that I can't remember where I found this link!)

Patch Me linked this pattern for a Teddy Bear and a Bunny that would make a cute and simple Christmas gift!